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Full service architectural firm with a passion for traditional design using classical elements, proportions and details to cast an image of simple elegance. Whether working on a specific room, need design guidance for an event or would like to create a lasting legacy in a new home, the partners at William Élan can help you bring your ideas to life.
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Working closely with our clients, we develop concepts for interior decor that coincides with their lifestyle.  Building upon the close relationships we establish with our architectural clients, we often continue working together on the interior decor.  Our office also works with new clients creating fresh interior designs for their homes, specific rooms or we can even work with you to develop a scheme for a special occasion or event.  Along with making interior selections for fabrics, furnishings, plumbing fixtures, lighting and accessories, we manage the procurement, delivery and installation to complete the space.

With a passion to design personalized homes, our design aesthetic is deeply rooted in classical proportions and details utilizing the guiding principles of traditional design.  Establishing and building upon a close relationship, we will assist you in developing a design program which will bring to light your requirements and desires for your new home.  Through a series of design sketches, together we will develop a floor plan and style of the home that not only is appropriate for your site but is a true embodiment of you and your family.

Construction Administration– We offer consulting services before and during construction to ensure design intent, construction quality and client expectations are being met.

Sustainable Design Consultation– Working with owners, developers, architects and engineers, we consult on ways to achieve a sustainable design.  LEED certification services can also be provided.

We believe great neighborhoods, towns and cities ought to be wonderful places to live, work and play.  The arrangement of these environments should also nurture the qualities of civic life and support sustainability.

William Élan creates destinations that evoke a positive emotional response and memorable experiences within a community.  With time honored conventions of town planning, we bring together scale, architectural form and regional character to create places of enduring significance and beauty.

Partnering with developers and land owners, we apply the principles of traditional town planning and new urbanism to develop a sense of place and community.  Working with the character and amenities of the site, we will layout a network of streets and blocks creating neighborhoods and living centers.  Through the development of architectural patterns and guidelines we define the character and style of homes, buildings and outdoors spaces.